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Just another die-hard Arashi fan :)

I am a translator/fansubber for the Arashi fandom. I've been a fan of theirs since their Junior days (that's 1995). I'm completely smitten with one Ninomiya Kazunari. :D The reason I joined the fandom was actually thanks to Aiba-chan! <3 It only makes sense that NinoAi is my OTP. I also have a sinful relationship with Sho, but let's not get into that here. 8D

In addition to the works-in-progress at the right, I transcribe/translate Nino's BayStorm and Aiba-chan's Recomen on a weekly basis starting 04.26.2009. Please refer to the tags "baystorm" and "recomen" to have a read!

ATTENTION: I do NOT allow re-translations of my translations into any language. Please respect my efforts and wishes. I love to share, so please keep me a happy translator/subber!

NOTE: While I cannot claim infallibility for my translations, I am most definitely a perfectionist. Therefore, I try my very best to provide the best translations I can give.

What do I do in RL?
My career is in the Japanese entertainment industry: I help produce shows, movies, and translate professionally. In my downtime (if I get any), I play the cello♪


最近忙しいけど 会いに行くよ 会いに行くから



Last updated: August 25, 2016 10:35 JST
In-progress projects (by category):

## In-progress: Subbing

## In-progress: Translating

I hope you'll enjoy what I have planned to release! :D
Completed projects (by category):

## Completed: Subbed

## Completed: Translations (Lyrics)

## Completed: Translations

Note: These translations and subbed videos have been finshed and released. That means that the project is ripe for the taking, and the completed list does not include works that have been translated but not yet released (for in progress, check respective links). If you click a link and you aren't directed to that particular post, it's probably because I've (or the subbing comms have) f-locked these posts. You will need to read my introduction post and comment accordingly to have access to my releases. Furthermore, releases made by subbing teams have their own rules, so make sure you read them over at their profile!

Here are the fansubbing communities to which I belong. They are all amazing and I highly recommend them! :)

In alphabetical order:

☆I am the owner and maintainer of amnosxsubs, the home of all my subbed videos! I finally migrated all my work over to a community in January 2012, and ALL my old releases are archived there. Future releases will also be over at the community. If you're looking for subs, do pay a visit there. If you're looking for translations, you'll find them here at my personal LJ.☆
Giving credit where it is due:
1. Page layout by minty_peach
2. Profile layout by milou_veronica
3. Banner: original scan by caramelbox, retouched by me. Quote on banner is from his appearance on Jyonetsu Tairiku, and has been translated by me.
4. Background image by Liza Phoenix, edited by a_ranchu
5. Mood themes by mynamelessname
6. Friends only banner by kotoko_sp
7. Many, countless thanks to a_ranchu for her help and for keeping me sane during the wee hours of the night :)
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