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*crawls out of hiberation* Hi! :)

I already posted a rough translation on my twitter, but this is a more thorough translation, with the kanji and romaji parts, as well as the English lines in the song. The translations read like a love poem starting with a silent farewell and ending with a second chance. <3

NOTE: This is not the full song; I transcribed and translated off of Aiba-chan's Recomen clip (roughly 3 min.)

Important notes:
# If you intend to use this lyrics translation for anything, please contact me first and wait for me to reply. :) That's all I ask.
# My translations are NOT available for retranslating. I get asked this a lot. I'm sorry, I do not allow retranslating of my translations. =/

Kanji transcriptions subject to edits once single is released.

Fukkatsu Love
Kanji/ Romaji/ Translations: Emkay

Baby, come back
Baby, baby, come back
Baby, come back,
Baby, won't you come back



Baby, don't you go 行かないで
Never leave me here 悲しみに
崩れてゆく 一人きり
見失って恋人を諦めきれないのさ まだ
待ち続けるよ 僕は
I miss you...

たどり着いた この場所へ

Baby, welcome back おかえりと
溢れる涙 懐かしい唇で受け止めて
Never let you go もう二度と
愛が再び蘇る 愛しいこの瞬間

My love 離さないよ・・・

Baby, come back
Baby, baby, come back
Baby, come back,
Baby, won't you come back

Yokonaguri no ame no naka
Kono heya wo tobidashita kimi wa
Futari no ai wo tamesu mitai ni
Sayonara sae mo iwanai mama

Nagasugita haru ni wakare wo tsugeta
Ano hi kara zutto boku wa marude nukegara sa

Baby, don't you go ikanaide
Sakendemo kikoenai
Kimi wo noseta takushii ga mizushibuki age toozakaru
Never leave me here kanashimi ni
Kuzurete yuku hitorikiri
Miushinatte koibito wo akiramekirenai no sa mada
Donna koto ga atte mo
Machitsuzukeru yo boku wa
I miss you...

Aru hareta tsuki no michiru yoru
Hohoemi ukabete maimodotta ennjeru
Nagai kodoku no hate kara
Tadori tsuita konobasho e

Baby, welcome back okaeri to
Dakishimeta boku no me ni
Afureru namida natsukashii kuchibiru de uketomete
Never let you go mou nido to
Hanarennai to chikaiau
Ai ga futatabi yomigaeru itoshii kono jikan
Futari de sagashiateta hontou no takaramono sa
Asa no hikari no naka de bokura wa hitotsu ni naru

My love, hanasanai yo

Baby, come back
Baby, baby, come back
Baby, come back,
Baby, won't you come back

The wind swipes through the pouring rain
As you sprint out of this room,
As if to test our love,
You leave without a goodbye

And you put an end to a long spring season,
Since that day, I've been only a shadow of myself

Baby, don't you go, please don't leave,
I shout, but you cannot hear me,
A taxi picks up a puddle as you drive away from me

Never leave me here, I break
In the loneliness, alone,
Though you're not here, I can't seem to let you go, my love, even now,
I'll wait for you,
No matter the obstacles,
I miss you...

On a clear night imbued in the moonlight,
An angel returns to me with a smile upon her face,
From the edge of a lonely journey,
Here, I have arrived

Baby, welcome back, you're home now
I embrace you, and from my eyes,
Tears overflow as I kiss you with lips that have missed you
Never let you go, never again
We vow never to be apart
As love reignites this very beautiful moment,
It is a dear treasure that we found together
In the morning light, we become one

My love, I won't let you go
"Welcome home."

Hope you enjoyed the translations! :) P.S. I'm baaaaaaaaaack!! xD

Date: January 29th, 2016 22:02 (UTC)
From: [identity profile] daianachan.livejournal.com
I just listened to the audio that fans shared from Aiba Rekomen. I like it! looking forward to listening the full song. Yesterday I was bothering you on twitter about where do you share your material. So glad to hear your actually coming back from hiatus. Thank you so much for translating and sharing this! Good luck on your future projects!

Date: March 19th, 2016 19:16 (UTC)
From: [identity profile] amnosxmatsujun.livejournal.com
(Sorry for the very late reply...!) Oh, hi! :) Yes, I remember that conversation over on Twitter. I am doing some work as I type, some behind-the-scenes stuff that won't materialize just yet), but will be posting a lot more, as promised! I'm glad you enjoyed the translations. See you back here soon ;)

Date: January 29th, 2016 23:05 (UTC)
ext_239719: (Default)
From: [identity profile] samiraisfan.livejournal.com
Thank you very much for sharing this and it's nice to hear that you are back !!
The song sounds really cool. I didn't like it but this is one of those type of beats that at first doesn't get you but lately grows inside. ^^ Ganbatte~!!

Date: March 19th, 2016 19:18 (UTC)
From: [identity profile] amnosxmatsujun.livejournal.com
(So sorry for the late reply!) I'm glad to be back! :) I think I know what you mean; this song doesn't really scream attention or have the typical "Arashi" sound, but you find yourself humming or singing it, and it's game over xD Thanks for the encouraging words. See you back here soon!

Date: February 2nd, 2016 21:58 (UTC)
From: [identity profile] asriza.livejournal.com
Thank you so much for sharing :) It's make me can't wait for the real release XD

Date: March 19th, 2016 19:27 (UTC)
From: [identity profile] amnosxmatsujun.livejournal.com
(So sorry for the late reply!) You're welcome! ^^ Hope you've been able to see the making of since you commented; I loved having Toma be a part of it all!